Mild Steel General Purpose Electrodes

Kore Weld - 13

ProductKore Weld – 13
Item CodeE- 6013
ER – 4211X
ApplicationGeneral Purpose Mild Steel Electrodes for Steel Metal Fabrication, Steel Structure, Storage Tank, etc.

Kore Weld - Plus

ProductKore Weld – Plus
Item CodeE- 6013
ER – 4212X
ApplicationUsed for Superior Weld of X-Ray Quality of M. S. Pipeline, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Construction Equipment, Tank, etc.

Kore Weld - Surplus

ProductKore Weld – Surplus
Item CodeE- 6013
ERR – 4212X
ApplicationHeavy Coated Rutile Type Electrode for Welding Mild Steel Ideal for Welding in All Conventional Positions Ideally for Boiler, Wagons, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, etc.