SONLOK Pipe Sealant

SONLOK® 3555 PIPE SEALANT for Fire Sprinkler Systems

SONLOK® 3555 Pipe Sealant and SONLOK 3290 weld sealant are excellent
products of choice of fire protection professionals.
SONLOK 3555 Pipe Sealant uses unique anaerobic technology with Teflon®
to prevent leaks in sprinkler systems. SONLOK 3555 Pipe sealant widely used
in fabrication and installation to replace pipe dope and sealing tapes with
durable and reliable seal.
SONLOK 3555 sealant provides an instant seal of 1,000 psi and a cured seal
that surpasses the burst rating of most of the pipes. Due to its unique Teflon®
filled technology and smooth nature, assembly will require less efforts, and
eliminate excess wear and tear on installers and equipment.

  • UL listed for sprinkler system
  • 100% leak free seal even when pipe is not completely seated
  • Replaces Pipe Dope and Tapes
  • Lubricates To Ease Assembly
  • Easy disassembly with hand tools
  • Open container will not dry out
  • No solvent, no shrinkage, lower cost, less downtime
  • High temperature resistance, Cures on metals in the absence of air

SONLOK 3555 Pipe Sealant with PTFE Fabrication and Field Installation Instructions:

  1. Apply 3555 onto leading 3-4 threads half way around the male pipe for sizes up to 1 ½ inches. For larger pipe sizes apply completely around the pipe.
  2. Fasten fittings together. 3555 will seal even when the pipe cannot be ‘driven home’.
  3. Visually inspect for a white bead of pipe sealant around the entire pipe. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as necessary.
How Anaerobics Work

Anaerobic thread sealants cure on metal surfaces when air is absent, as is the case with metal threaded connections. The adhesive fills the gaps of the threaded connection and cures quickly to form a hardened plastic seal. The sealants provide an immediate 1000 psi seal. Any excess can be wiped away.